North America Shirdi Sai Temple of Atlanta (NASSTA) is a non-profit organization depending solely on contributions made by devotees.
All contributions are tax deductible (Tax ID: 58-2615661)

We are accepting donations online via PayPal. All you need is an e-mail address and a credit/charge card number to make a donation to NASSTA through PayPal.

General Donation (Donate any amount)

Dollar-A-Day (Please fill and drop at temple front desk or e-mail it to treasurer@templeofpeace.org)

Donate to become TRUSTEE

Food Sponsorship

Thursday Food Sponsorship $116
Thursday Food Sponsorship $251
Thursday Food Sponsorship $501

Services Offered

You can pay for the following services online:

Archana $11.00
Abhishekam at 6:30 AM $51

Archana Every Thursday for a Year $501
Nithyarchana Per Month $151
Nithyarchana Per Year $1,116
Nithyabhishekam Per Month at 6:30 AM $351
Nithyabhishekam Per Year at 6:30 AM $2,116

Sai Padhuka Pooja on 1st Saturday at Temple $31
Sai Vratam on 2nd Saturday at Temple $51
Sai Vratam Per Year (Every Second Saturday at 3 PM) $501
Saraswathi Pooja at Temple $31
Satyanarayana Vratam on 4th Saturday at Temple $51
Satyanarayana Vratam Per Year (Every 4th Saturday at 3 PM) $501
Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi and Navagraha Havan on 3rd Thursday $51
Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi and Navagraha Havan per year (Every 3rd Thursday) $501

Vahana (New Vehicle) Pooja $31
Vara Laxmi Vratam at Temple $51

Priest Service Special Requests

Please fill out priest service request form for the following services text Pooja Coordinator with your request. Temple pooja coordinator will confirm the availability of the priest with you and finalizes the date and location. If you pay before getting confirmation of the service from Pooja Coordinator, we may not be able to honor the date you are requesting the service

Aksharabyasam at Temple $51
Aksharabyasam at Home $151
Annaprasana at Temple $51
Annaprasana at Home $151
Any Homam at Temple or at Home $151
Ayusha Homam (Birthday Pooja) at Temple or at Home $151

Chandi Homam at Home or Temple $275

Ground Breaking Ceremony $151
Gruhapravesham $151
Gruhapravesham; and Homam $201
Gruhapravesham; Satyanarayana Vratham; and Homam $225
Gruhapravesham; Homam; Vratham & Inti Kalyanam $301

Namakaranam at Temple $51
Namakaranam at Home $151
Navagraha/Nakshatra Shanti at Temple $151
Navagraha/Nakshatra Shanti at Home $151
Nischitartram (Wedding Engagement) $201

Punyahvachanam at Home $151
Priest Dakshina

Rudrabhishekam at Home$151

Sai Padhuka Pooja on request at Temple or Home $151
Sai Vratam on request at Temple or Home $151
Satyanarayana Vratam on request at Temple or Home $151
Shasti Poorthi at Temple or Home $301
Sreemantham at Temple or Home $151
Sudarshana Homam at Temple or Home $225

Upakarma at Temple or Home $151
Upanayanam at Temple or Home $375

Varalaxmi Pooja at Temple or Home $151

Wedding at Temple or Home $501

Shraadh Service at home $201

* Shradda & Saburi (Faith & Patience) *